PRIVACY - How we handle your personal data

What do we use your data for?

When you order something from AboutSportsOnline or register for our newsletter, we receive personal data from you such as your name, address, e-mail, telephone number and possibly a number of other data. According to the privacy legislation that came into effect on 25-05-2018, we must indicate on what grounds we collect this data and what we then use it for. Most of the personal data we collect is used to process your order. When you complete your order, there is a contractual agreement. Below are a number of parts for which we need your data:

• Ordering and payment

• Delivery of your order

• Information provision (mail / telephone) about your order

• Returns, exchanges or warranty

• Refund processing

• Support from our customer service with questions

In addition, we use your data to provide you with the service you deserve. We also treat your data confidentially with these actions and ensure that they remain within We can provide you with the correct information with this data when you request it. See below a number of example cases in which we also use your data:

• Your order history in your online account

• Relevant offers by e-mail (When you give permission for this) or via Social Media

• Offering personal promotions / discounts

Who has access to your data?

Some employees of need access to your personal data, for example to send your order. By applying segregation of duties, we try to keep as much control as possible over the various processes that are followed. Employees only have access to your data when necessary. All your data is also well secured with us. Passwords are encrypted and therefore not visible to employees or third parties and all our systems are subject to access control. In addition, any test environments of our systems do not contain any personal data.

Do you not share my personal data with anyone?

Yes. We have a number of partners we work with. For example, we send our packages via our carriers and the payment or refund of your order is processed by our Payment provider.


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Order History

The products ordered by you may not be personal data, but in combination with your identity they are. They say something about your personal preferences and that is why it is also important to properly protect this data and to tell you a little more about why we keep this data.

There are various situations with which we can explain the importance of storage to you. Sometimes an item does not fit and you want to exchange it. Then it is so handy that our customer service employee can see which items you have ordered. We can also often help you with product-specific questions based on your order history. In addition, we use your order history for the user-friendly design of our website and in our communication via newsletters and social media. Very nice if you have a website that is adapted to your personal preferences.

When do we delete your data?

We do not keep your data indefinitely. We keep information about our customers for a number of years. Of course we also delete all your data when you request this. After all, you remain the owner of your personal data.

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